Looking to cut back on alcohol this January?  Everleaf has got you sorted with their limited edition January bundles!

As the new year approaches, sometimes all you need is a great tasting drink without the alcohol. Discover Everleaf, a non-alcoholic aperitif crafted with natural and sustainable ingredients, available in three delicious variants.

Indulge in some delicious new flavours, and make the most of the reset season with the fantastic January perfect spritz bundle offer - free mixers with every bottle of Everleaf.*
* Only applies when buying single 50cl bottles. Until 15th January, while stocks last


Great tasting and easy to prepare at home

Everleaf is a wonderful option for those evenings when you want something quick and easy. To make a delicious spritz, simply combine Everleaf with the London Essence mixer supplied with your bottle, add plenty of ice, and consider adding a beautiful garnish for that extra touch of wow.


Ideal for post-work drinks and parties

Whether you're a teetotaler, a designated driver, or simply want to limit your alcohol intake, Everleaf offers a complex and delightful taste that makes you forget there's no alcohol. Unlike other alternatives, Everleaf stands out as a proper drink, not too sweet, and free from unpleasant aftertastes or artificial flavours.


Effortless and delightful aperitif cocktails

Everleaf spritzes not only please your palate but also look stunning. If you're feeling inspired, you can find numerous cocktail and other spritz recipes on Everleaf's website to delight your guests or yourself.


Loved by cocktail enthusiasts and critics

Everleaf has garnered rave reviews from cocktail lovers and critics alike. With over 650 reviews and an outstanding 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, it's been praised for its delicious taste, high-quality ingredients, and sustainable packaging. Refinery29 even hailed it as "a great gin alternative," while Olly Smith from Saturday Kitchen admitted to being "completely in love with it."


Conveniently delivered to your door

Ordering Everleaf is a breeze! Simply go online and enjoy free shipping within the UK with Royal Mail

Our customers find Everleaf "delicious" and "fantastic"

4.6/5 Stars. 650 reviews

It’s tricky to find a delicious non alcoholic drink at times and this hit the delicious mark for me. It didn’t leave a horrible aftertaste as others have done. It was tasty and each flavour tasted fresh and delicious. It did taste like a treat and I’d definitely recommend this if you want to socialise without alcohol or just to relax.


I love the packaging which was carefully and creatively thought out to be beautiful and yet practical and minimal to reduce waste. The drinks themselves are fantastic, complex and delicious


"A truly delicious adult non alcoholic beverage"

Quick delivery, fab packaging, even better product inside. A truly delicious adult non alcoholic beverage. Due to the complexity and not being too sweet I can happily drink this without feeling like I'm missing out on a "real" drink.


Discover the Everleaf January Perfect Spritz Bundle Offer

4.6/5 Stars. 650 reviews 

Embrace the joy of cutting back on alcohol for the new year with Everleaf. Indulge in some delicious new flavours, and make the most of the reset season with our fantastic January perfect spritz bundle offer - free mixers with every bottle of Everleaf. While stocks last.