Grown From Adventure

Founder - paul mathew

it runs in the family

Founder Paul is a conservation biologist and bartender with a long family connection to botany and the environment.

"My father, Brian, worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and wrote the definitive books on two of Everleaf's ingredients (Crocus and Iris). A photo of one of his original collections even features on the label!

Going further back in my family history, Captain Monty Wellby was a plant collecting explorer, renowned for respecting communities he visited in Africa and Asia.

I initially followed in their footsteps, studying conservation and working for environmental charities for almost ten years, but travelling around the world taught me about flavours, ingredients and drinks too, and I left to focus on my love of bartending, opening The Hide in London in 2007. Since then I have opened two more venues of my own, as well as consulting on many others around the world"

From field to bar

"I'm incredibly lucky to have loved my life in conservation, and as a bartender, but what I've always wanted to do is to develop a drink that draws all that together"
"In Everleaf, I wanted to make something non-alcoholic, firstly to give people more choice when they don’t necessarily want to drink, but also to reflect that concept of sustainability - sustainable consumption as well as sustainably sourced.

It has taken over a year of experimenting to develop Everleaf, researching plants, sourcing, dehydrating samples, macerating and extracting to get the flavours I wanted; then there was the texture – something that’s missing from a lot of non-alcoholic drinks. Everleaf has a silky-smooth texture from the use of a rather unusual botanical - Voodoo Lily (konjac) from China."

A new kind of drink is born

“History is always a work in progress and this is the start of an exciting journey exploring new and better ways of making drinks and enjoying them.”