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Everleaf x Nomadic Dinners Endlessly Delicious Feast

Nomadic create a special menu on each occasion that uses a number of seasonal ingredients that you will find growing nearby and also imbues our chef's unique culinary background.

Everleaf x Nomadic Dinners Endlessly Delicious Feast.

Join Everleaf, the UK’s top rated non-alcoholic aperitifs, and Nomadic Dinners, who create the UK’s most exclusive outdoor dining experiences, for an immersive taste extravaganza in a remarkable woodland setting.

Date: Sunday 5th September Time: 15.00pm Location: Secret Tickets: £99pp
Photography by Bea Lubas

Be delighted with a delectable menu created with seasonal and locally available produce, perfectly paired with Everleaf cocktails (your choice of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic).


The world’s most complex non-alcoholic aperitifs

Sustainably Sourced

The finest botanicals, sourced from the natural world

Low Calorie

An Everleaf & light tonic contains less than 50kcal per 200ml serve

What to expect?

Your experience begins when you are transported to the middle of the woodland where you are met by your host as well as executive chef.

Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome drink crafted using some of the wild botanicals that grow on the land. Then escape into the forest for a guided tour of the estate by resident forager where you will be introduced to some of the seasonal ingredients that are grown on-site for your meal before venturing further afield to gather other wild ingredients which grow in abundance.

The branches and dead wood from the surrounding birch, beech and oak trees are then used to cook a decadent meal on an open flame in the middle of the woods. Your meal concludes with a fresh herbal tea picked from Nomadic Dinners herb patch.

Sunday 5th September 15:00pm

Both the exact location of the lunch and the menu is kept a secret. Tickets won’t last long, let the magic begin!

Subject to Terms and Conditions

“Disappearing into a magical woodland setting sounds appealing enough. Throw in a four-course feast in a restaurant without walls, and you’ve got the ideal post-lockdown evening out.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t receive my confirmation email?

Please check your SPAM folder first. Hotmail accounts have a strict firewall and tend to send our email there more often than not. Please contact if you are still not able to find it.

What happens when it rains?

We have a fully heated tipi which can accommodate up to 40 guests in the winter months when closed and up to 60 in the summer months when opened.

Where are you based?

Chalfont & Latimer station (London Underground Metropolitan Line) is approximately 5 minutes taxi commute from our wood and takes approximately 45 minutes from Baker Street or 30 minutes from Marylebone (National Rail Services)

I have a specific dietary requirement. Will you be able to accommodate me?

We cater for most dietary requirements including dairy-free, gluten-free & vegetarians but ask that you inform us at the time of booking so that we can accommodate you. If you have a specific allergy or if your allergy is particularly severe we would always ask that you bring with you any inhalers/epi-pens or emergency equipment that you may require particularly if your allergy is severe as although we will avoid particular allergens during preparation we cannot always guarantee cross-contamination where food is prepared in a kitchen which may contain said allergens.

During each event, we provide a guided tour in which a variety of foraged food is made available. It is within your own choice as to whether or not you wish to eat the food presented to you and you take liability for your own well being.

All foods discussed are either previously recorded as edible or have been eaten by the course leader. Consumption of wild foods can, however, cause an allergic reaction in certain individuals; we advise trying only small amounts of new wild foods on first consumption and there’s always the possibility of freak reaction which has no grounding or basis on the persons common bodily reactions to food. For example, people should avoid sorrel if they have known allergies any member of the Polygonaceae family. We and our associated practitioners take no liability on these occasions.

Although our guided foraged tour is taught by highly experienced & capable leaders, it is not intended that any instruction provided to you while on a tour will in any way qualify you to instruct any third party & no warranty is made to that effect. We hereby exclude any liability we may have to any third party in respect of any loss or damage suffered or incurred by that third party in its reliance on any skills taught by you on the basis of having attended any of our events.

What’s included in the price?

Included within the cost of the experience are a foraged tour of our listed woodland, welcome drinks, a feast cooked over fire & handpicked herbal teas and toasted marshmallows.

How many other people will there be?

This is for 30 people only

What is your cancellation policy?

We reserve the right to cancel an event for any reason; this includes, amongst others, dangerous weather, safety issues, unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely event, we have to cancel we aim to give customers as much notice as possible in an event of a cancellation. We offer guests the opportunity to rebook any Standard future event for cancellations made on our behalf. All bookings are final unless otherwise stated, We will not be able to reimburse/accommodate you and are not liable for refunds or returns. You may be able to transfer your booking to third parties provided you give us sufficient notice (maximum 2 times).

Can I bring my dog/pet?

We love dogs however we appreciate some of our guests may have allergies. If you are planning to bring your pet with you we ask that you notify us in advance so we can check with other guests to check there are no allergies.

I have young children. Can I bring them with me?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any guests under 16 at our feasts without the express permission of our management.

Is there parking nearby?

There is limited parking in our woodland. Please note our management not be held responsible for any damage to guests vehicles during your time with us. There maybe also parking available nearby at the Chiltern Open Air Museum.


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