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Ever inviting, ever exciting, ever delighting non-alcoholic aperitifs

Everleaf x RALA candles limited edition Holiday season collaboration

Everleaf RALA

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20% of sales from bundles donated to conservation charity Fauna & Flora International (FFI)

Fauna & Flora International conservation
1% for the planet member

FOREST candle + tonic bundle

1 x 50cl Everleaf FOREST, 1 x RALA FOREST hand poured soy wax candle, 1 x 8 pack Fever Tree refreshingly Light tonic.

Everleaf FOREST

Layers of citrus spices combine to create a bold, exotic & vibrant aperitif. Crafted for Spritz drinkers.

Everleaf x RALA FOREST candle

Scents of Orange blossom, vanilla and saffron.

Everleaf FOREST + RALA

MOUNTAIN candle+ tonic bundle

1 x 50cl Everleaf MOUNTAIN, 1 x RALA MOUNTAIN hand poured soy wax candle, 1 x 8pk Fever Tree refreshingly Light tonic.


Floral sweetness with piney juniper with notes of rosehip & black cherry. Crafted for pink gin drinkers.

Everleaf x RALA MOUNTAIN candle

Sumptuous blend of cherry orris and strawberry.

Everleaf FOREST + RALA

MARINE candle + tonic bundle

1 x 50cl Everleaf MARINE, 1 x RALA MARINE hand poured soy wax candle, 1 x 8pk Fever Tree refreshingly Light tonic.

Everleaf MARINE

Crisp juniper, bergamot & citrus blended with tropical sea buckthorn & olive leaf. Crafted for gin drinkers.

Everleaf x RALA MARINE candle

An energising blend of seaweed, bergamot and juniper.

Everleaf FOREST + RALA
Autumn Tasting 2021 Silver
IWSC Gold 95 pts
IWSC Gold 96 pts
Awards IWSC Silver 94 pts
Great Taste 2021
Autumn Tasting 2021 Gold
Great British Food Awards 2021 Winner
1% for the planet member

"A brilliant, vibrant, verdant, vetiver whizz"

Jane MacQuitty, The Times

"Everleaf really raises the bar for grown-up non-alcoholic drinks"

Alice Lascelles, Financial Times

"With its sophisticated, bittersweet citrus twist, this is one of the best alcohol-free aperitifs I’ve tasted"

Fiona Beckett, the guardian

"Real complexity, stylish and sophisticated"

Imbibe judges

Why Everleaf

Inspired by the endlessly fascinating flavours found in nature, we are creating what might just be the world’s most delicious non-alcoholic aperitifs.

Sustainably Sourced

Award winning taste

Sourced from the natural world

Vegan &
Gluten free

Less than 50 calories per serve*

200ml per serve

RALA contents

Vegan-friendly hand-poured candles

Friend duo Laura and Steph have come together to create RALA – unique vegan candles hand poured with love. Featuring bespoke artwork across different scent profiles, each one has been designed to elicit ultimate feelings of rest and relaxation.

Everleaf x FFI conservation projects

FFI is the world's oldest conservation charity, founded in 1903. Their focus is on protecting biodiversity, which underpins healthy ecosystems and is critical for the life-support systems that we and all other species rely on.

This connection to biodiversity and the natural world is fundamental to our approach at Everleaf. That's even why we chose the name - we want our plants to be around forever. FFI has over 140 projects around the world, covering all the biomes we reference.

Registered Charity Number 1011102



FFI supports the Ya’axché conservation trust in Belize, that works with indigenous communities in the critically important biodiversity corridor, the Maya Golden Landscape.



FFI supports the Zarland Association in the Carpathian Mountains. They help connect large areas of wilderness by creating biodiversity corridors through rewilding and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.



FFI has helped set up Cambodia’s first marine protected area, which supports sustainable fishing, biodiversity conservation and ecotourism.

Shop Everleaf x RALA candles limited edition


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