EXPERIENCE THE MOST Refreshing and delicious non-alcoholic aperitifs for THIS summer 

The perfect non-alcoholic Summer Spritz Kit of 2 50cl bottles of Everleaf and a pack of Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic. Delivery is on us!

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"Everleaf is a tasty and complex alternative to spirits for those wanting a break from the booze"

"Everleaf is a superb aperif, delicious on its own over ice or mixed with tonic or soda water"

"Everleaf really raises the bar for grown up non-alcoholic drinks."

Over 600 TrustPilot reviews

1 Marine 50cl bottle, 1 Mountain 50cl bottle & 1 Fever-Tree Tonic Light Tonic pack (8x150ml)


Free delivery on every order.

Over 600 TrustPilot reviews

1 Forest 50cl bottle, 1 Marine 50cl bottle & 1 Fever Tree-Tonic pack (8x150ml)


Free delivery on every order.

Discover our 3 flavours


A bittersweet blend of sustainably sourced botanical distillates and extracts carefully chosen to capture forest flavours. Bathe in the exotic saffron, rich Madagascan vanilla and honeyed orange blossom of sun-streaked forest floors.


An aromatic blend of sustainably sourced botanical distillates and extracts carefully chosen to capture mountain flavours. Climb through the floral clouds of savoury cherry blossom & sweet mountain strawberry, until you reach bittersweet rosehip at the peak.


A crisp blend of sustainably sourced botanicals carefully chosen to capture marine flavours. Sit back, relax and immerse your senses in the Mediterranean depths from umami soaked kelp forests, zesty bergamot and tropical sea buckthorn.

Delicious spritzes made with exceptional ingredients

Made from handpicked botanicals
Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitifs are made with all the depth, flavour and aroma of the natural world.

Designed for effortless spritzes
Everleaf is designed to be mixed with light-tonic water, ice and a freshly sliced garnish, offering a naturally better spritz to enjoy this summer.

Enjoy free delivery
Everleaf offer Royal Mail 48 hrs tracked delivery on every order so you should be sipping your new drinks in no time.

Our customers find Everleaf "delicious" and "fantastic"

4.6/5 Stars. 650 reviews

It’s tricky to find a delicious non alcoholic drink at times and this hit the delicious mark for me. It didn’t leave a horrible aftertaste as others have done. It was tasty and each flavour tasted fresh and delicious. It did taste like a treat and I’d definitely recommend this if you want to socialise without alcohol or just to relax.


I love the packaging which was carefully and creatively thought out to be beautiful and yet practical and minimal to reduce waste. The drinks themselves are fantastic, complex and delicious


"A truly delicious adult non alcoholic beverage"

Quick delivery, fab packaging, even better product inside. A truly delicious adult non alcoholic beverage. Due to the complexity and not being too sweet I can happily drink this without feeling like I'm missing out on a "real" drink.



Certified B Corporation

Carbon Neutral


1% For The Planet


Gluten Free