Made from Plants & Sourced in a Positive Way

Non-alcoholic Bittersweet Aperitif

A bright aperitif that’s full of natural complexity, perfect for a spritz.

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What they say

“Everleaf really raises the bar for grown-up non-alcoholic drinks”
Alice Lascelles, Financial Times.

“With its sophisticated, bittersweet citrus twist, this is one of the best alcohol-free aperitifs I’ve tasted”
Fiona Beckett, The Guardian

“A bold, balanced, brilliantly bittersweet lozenge of a sip”
Douglas Blyde, presenter and drinks journalist.

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Our Ingredients

We are committed to the sustainable sourcing of our ingredients, conservation & supporting local communities

Everleaf Spritz

Non-alcoholic & bittersweet

Everleaf is perfect served with soda in an uplifting spritz.

Exceptionally aromatic, Everleaf has complex notes of vanilla and saffron for richness, gentian and iris for wild bitterness and earthy warmth, as well as vetiver and orange blossom for freshness and vibrancy.

Finally, we use voodoo lily and acacia to give texture and length that other non-alcoholic drinks lack.

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Meet the founder

Founder Paul Mathew is a conservation biologist and bar owner with a long family connection to botany and the environment.

He wanted to create a delicious and fun non-alcoholic drink to give people more choice when they don’t necessarily want to drink, and to also to embrace the concept of sustainability - sustainable consumption as well as sustainable sourcing.

Our Story