The name Everleaf was chosen by our founder Paul, who as a conservation biologist worked on plant conservation in the hope that threatened plant species could be around forever. That’s also reflected in the infinite line of our ‘Forever- Leaf’ icon, symbolising sustainable use and plant conservation.
Our mission is to make non-alcoholic products inspired by and derived from the natural world which are as good as the best alcoholic ones, whilst promoting the conservation of plant biodiversity. We do this in three ways: 
  1. Sourcing - The plants we use in Everleaf are carefully sourced to support the ecosystems and communities in which they grow; conveniently this also means highest quality and best flavour. This includes some ingredients with Fairtrade certification (e.g. our sugar) and some that are organic (e.g. olive leaf). Others are linked to conservation or social initiatives such as our gum acacia supplier’s foundation to support Africa’s Great Green Corridor, and our vanilla supplier’s support for education and women’s rights in Madagascar. We know others are sustainable by their traceable supply chain, for example our Japanese cherry blossom, Spanish saffron and Calabrian bergamot. We are constantly working to improve both our sourcing and recipes. 
  2. Working - We strive to make Everleaf as sustainable as possible through the ways we work. We are currently going through assessments for B-Corporation and Fairtrade status to externally verify our approaches. We are also in the process of assessing our footprint with the goal of being carbon neutral by the end of 2022, and net zero by 2025.
  3. Giving back - We are a member of 1% For The Planet, committed to giving more than 1% of our turnover to charity each year. We do this through our partnership with Fauna & Flora International, the world’s oldest conservation charity, where Paul used to work as a conservation biologist.