Frequently Asked Questions
How is Everleaf made?
We use different methods of extraction according to the plant, so that we get the best flavour in the most sustainable way. Vetiver for example, uses steam distillation, while acacia gum is ground to a fine powder and vanilla is macerated in alcohol. The extracts are then blended together by hand onto our unique textured base liquid.

Does Everleaf contain any alcohol?
Some of our botanical extractions use alcohol as it’s such a great solvent, but Everleaf is less than 0.5% alcohol, so under EU and US regulations, is classified as non-alcoholic. When used in a spritz, this drops to around 0.1%. For comparison, ripe bananas and orange juice can contain as much as 0.5% alcohol.

How many calories are in an Everleaf Spritz?
An Everleaf FOREST Spritz contains 48 calories – 26kcal from 50ml of Everleaf and 23kcal from 150ml of light tonic.

An Everleaf MOUNTAIN Spritz contains 44 calories - 21kcal from 50ml of Everleaf and 23kcal from 150ml of light tonic.

An Everleaf MARINE & Tonic contains 38 calories - 15kcal from 50ml of Everleaf and 23kcal from 150ml of light tonic.

Does Everleaf contain sugar?
Yes, Everleaf contains Fairtrade cane sugar. We tried lots of alternatives, including agave syrup (not very sustainable) and honey (not vegan), as well as sweeteners (which all impacted the taste in a very negative way) – we thought cane sugar was the best option.

Is Everleaf Vegan?
Yes. (We don’t currently have our own independent certification, but all our ingredients are vegan certified).

Is Everleaf Gluten Free?
Yes (though some ingredients come from facilities that also process gluten-containing ingredients).

Where is Everleaf made?
Everleaf is blended and bottled in the UK.

How do you store Everleaf?
Unopened, Everleaf should be drunk before the BBE date on the bottle. After opening, Everleaf is best refrigerated and consumed within 3 months.

Why is Everleaf a similar price to alcohol?
We use the best natural ingredients, including some of the world’s most expensive spices (saffron, sustainable Madagascan vanilla and cherry blossom for example). We have also developed our own proprietary production method to add complexity to Everleaf. No other drink uses the same techniques.

Is it safe to drink Everleaf while pregnant?
Everleaf is safe to drink while pregnant. However, if you have any concerns around any of the ingredients listed please consult your GP.

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Available in three delicious flavours

Shop our non-alcoholic aperitifs made with all the depth, flavour and aroma of the natural world

Complex & Bittersweet.
Lie back and imagine the filtered sunlight of forest canopies captured in this blend of sustainably sourced botanicals, from exotic saffron & vanilla to honeyed orange blossom.

Vibrant & Aromatic.
Close your eyes and climb through the cool mountain heights of this blend of botanicals, from elegant cherry blossom and strawberry to bittersweet rosehip.

Crisp & Refreshing.
Sit back, relax and immerse your senses in the Mediterranean depths from umami soaked kelp forests, zesty bergamot and tropical sea buckthorn.

Collection Pack

The perfect non-alcoholic collection - A bottle of each of our non-alcoholic aperitifs

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