Nine Venues to try Everleaf Cherry Blossom Cocktails in London made with Everleaf Mountain

Nine Venues to try Everleaf Cherry Blossom Cocktails in London made with Everleaf Mountain

Are you looking for a fresh new cocktail spot to visit with friends or loved ones this Spring? We have named our 9 favourite places for a Cherry Blossom inspired cocktail for you to enjoy in the city.

1. Mildreds (Sakura Pomegranate Cosmo)

    Enjoy the springtime special Sakura Pomegranate Cosmo at Mildred's which has been flying off the bar. 

    2. Sticks n Sushi (Sakura & Lychee Martini)

    The Sakura & Lychee Martini at Sticks n Sushi is one of 5 Everleaf Cocktails on their Spirited Away menu which is completely non-alcoholic. This seasonal classic, alongside the Sakura & Raspberry Spritz are perfect for Spring. 

    3. Coral Room (Mitsuiki Park Highball)

    The limited edition Mitsuike Park Highball Cocktail in The Coral Room is a perfect way to celebrate cherry blossom season Each delicately balanced botanical cocktail takes inspiration from the colourful and tranquil landscapes of Mitsuike Park, Japan – one of the world’s most famed cherry blossom spots.

    4. Ivy Asia (Dreams of Cherry Blossom)

    The Dreams of Cherry Blossom cocktail contains Everleaf Mountain, cherry blossom, cranberry, lychee and lemon to make a sweet but refreshing cocktail perfect to pair with sushi.  

    5. Aqua Kyoto (Blossom Paloma Spritz)

    We've teamed up with Aqua Kyoto's talented bartender, Camillo, for a special collaboration. With three delicious non-alcoholic cocktails using Everleaf Mountain, Aqua Kyoto's Japanese Springtime menu is full of flavour.

    Plus, don't miss out on our exclusive cherry blossom panna cotta and candyfloss pairings. 

    6. Tonkotsu (Cherry Blossom Martini)

    A non-alcoholic martini made with Everleaf Mountain, grenadine and pineapple juice for those who like their drinks on the sweet side.

    7. ASK Italian (Strawberry Blossom Spritz)

    Enjoy the Strawberry Blossom Spritz with a side of pizza at ASK Italian this spring. Made with Everleaf Mountain and sparkling lemonade, garnished with strawberry for a sweet but refreshing cocktail.

    8. Bills (Cherry Blossom & Raspberry Spritz)

    Try out Bill’s twist on our classic Mountain Spritz, served over ice with pink lemonade. Floral, light and refreshing.

    9. Mandarin Oriental (Sakura)

    Mandarin Oriental has released a special Sakura menu with Everleaf Mountain, available both non-alcoholic and with alcohol. Mountain is paired with rose cordial, pomegranate and cranberry. 

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