5 Reasons why Everleaf is a favourite on Saturday Kitchen

Did you know that Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitifs have been organically selected to feature on Saturday Kitchen three times?

Here are 5 reasons why Everleaf non-alcoholic cocktails are so popular with the famous TV show.


The best tasting drinks

Everleaf aperitifs are the key ingredient to making the best tasting non-alcoholic spitzes or cocktails. If you want to be inspired we've got you covered with plenty of recipes on our website. Simply add a beautiful garnish for that extra ‘wow’ factor.


Great for hosting

It's an ideal drink to have on hand for guests. Whether you're hosting an event with several designated drivers or simply want to offer tasty non-alcoholic options. Everleaf's great taste makes the best non-alcoholic cocktails.


The cocktail lovers favourite

Everleaf has garnered rave reviews from cocktail lovers and critics alike. With over 750 reviews and an outstanding 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, it's been praised for its delicious taste, high-quality ingredients and sustainable packaging. Olly Smith from Saturday Kitchen admitted to being "completely in love with it."


The perfect gift

Everleaf spritzes will not only please your palate but also make a wonderful gift. If you are attending an Easter event and want to bring something different which will taste great with a beautiful spring feast Everleaf is the perfect choice.


Free Delivery

Conveniently delivered to your door, ordering Everleaf is a breeze. Simply go online and enjoy free shipping within the UK via Royal Mail.

Discover Everleaf Forest & Ginger Ale - Olly Smith's favourite combination

4.7/5 Stars. 750 reviews 

Everleaf Forest - A bittersweet blend of sustainably sourced botanical distillates and extracts carefully chosen to capture forest flavours. Bathe in the exotic saffron, rich Madagascan vanilla and honeyed orange blossom of sun-streaked forest floors.

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Saturday Kitchen loves Everleaf

March 2024

“ grown up, textured and fragrant ”

Our customers also find Everleaf "delicious" and "fantastic"

4.7/5 Stars. 750 reviews

It’s tricky to find a delicious non alcoholic drink at times and this hit the delicious mark for me. It didn’t leave a horrible aftertaste as others have done. It was tasty and each flavour tasted fresh and delicious. It did taste like a treat and I’d definitely recommend this if you want to socialise without alcohol or just to relax.


I love the packaging which was carefully and creatively thought out to be beautiful and yet practical and minimal to reduce waste. The drinks themselves are fantastic, complex and delicious


"A truly delicious adult non alcoholic beverage"

Quick delivery, fab packaging, even better product inside. A truly delicious adult non alcoholic beverage. Due to the complexity and not being too sweet I can happily drink this without feeling like I'm missing out on a "real" drink.